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zondag 21 juni 2009

About Iran, from Mahsa R.

Hoe het zo gekomen is, ik weet het niet, maar nog geen enkele dag heb ik Iran en de verkiezingsellende daar hier een plek gegeven. Waarschijnlijk was ik al verzadigd van de eigen verkiezingen onlangs hier in Vlaanderen. Onderstaand bericht bereikte me via Facebook en druk ik hier integraal af. De moeite van het lezen waard en mocht je problemen ondervinden met sommige Engelse frasen, laat het me dan weten, ik vertaal het graag.

Hello. My name is Mahsa

Many of you know me as many things. A friend,a family member, a host, a facebook friend, the girl who never picks up her phone. Whichever of these is true.. today I write to you as an Iranian.

It would be hard to find someone that has not witnessed the autrocities of this past week. Everyone from CNN to E News Daily has covered some aspect of the recent election events in Iran. All eyes have been glued to the TV as this past weeks events have unfolded before our very eyes.

Some of us are scared. Some of us are sad. Some of us are worried. Some of us are frustrated. Most of us are angry.


I say this to everyone. Every white, black, and hispanic. Every chinese, puerto rican, and haitian. Every student and reitree in the world. To the entire world. Today we are all Iranian.

An injustice ANYWHERE is a threat to justice EVERYWHERE.

The violence towards the children of Iran is not an Iran issue or an Iranian concern. It is a World issue. It is a World concern.

People lie.
Politicians lie.
Numbers DONT.

Over 200 killed. Over 1000 severely injured. A whole country in fear.

The truth is everywhere. It is on CNN, Fox News, BBC, and YOUTUBE. It is on Twitter headlines, Facebook Statuses, and posted on Myspace pages. You dont have to look far to see the truth. You actually have to go out of your way not to see it.

I did. I went out of my way. I almost broke my neck turning my head. Sitting comfortable in my chair. Too comfortable to be bothered. Then by accident or maybe even by fate I saw.

Changing the channel:
I saw into the eyes of a student being batoned to death. I saw the fear in the eyes of a man walking his daughter home from school. I saw terror in the eyes of a young girl speaking her mind. I saw the truth.

I realized my chair was no longer comfortable. That i was tired of sitting down while others stood up. I had to stand up too. I had to stand for something. We have to stand together. United we stand. Divided we fall. We have fallen for far too much already.

This is no longer the difference between two political parties.

This is now the difference between Right and Wrong. Between Just and UnJust. Between Good and Evil. Between Humanity and Inhumane.

This is not about Going Green or wearing Black. This is not a fashion show. There is no walk on the runway or model call. This is a call to all people to stop running and stand for something to stand for someone. To take action and help change.

THIS needs to start somewhere. THIS needs to start sometime.

Why not HERE ?!
Why not NOW ?!

Most of us are not "SMART" enough to have a hidden political agenda. Most of us are not "in it" to overturn this or return that. Leave the politics to the politicians.

The message is simple: NO MORE KILLING KIDS.

It doesnt matter if you speak Farsi or not. I am sure we can ALL understand that.

But we must talk together, work together, stand together, be together as a community. Its not coincidence that if you add the word COMMUNICATION + UNITY = COMM UNITY. Our COMMUNITY must come together now when we are needed most though it sometimes feels that it matters least. Every little bit helps. Every single person counts.

The best way out is through. We must go through this as a people. We must get through this as a nation. We must see through this as a world.

There has been enough arguing this past week to last a lifetime. Lets not argue over petty differences, political views, religious ideaologies, and pretty clothes. Lets talk about the fact that kids are dying and injustice is taking place.

There has been enough fighting this past week to last two lifetimes. I know most of you are angry. But lets no longer fight amongst ourselves. An eye for eye just leaves the whole world blind. We have already been blind long enough. Peace can only come from peace.

I was told today to take a moment of silence in respect of the 200+ students who have lost their lives. Students like me who died for speaking up. I say the problem is we have been silent for way too long. 200+ kids died and can no longer speak so WE must speak up even louder on their behalf. Enough is Enough.

Tell your friends. Write your Congressman. Spread the word. Shed light on this darkness. The night is always darkest before the dawn.

Tomorrow when the sun comes up it will shine proudly down on all of us as we stand together, united. IRAN.

- Mahsa R.


Gedicht: requiem voor een dwaas

Een oud streepje donkere poëzie om deze zondag bij te verwijlen. Wegens drukke vergaderactiviteiten op deze midzomerdag, houdt uw Vlinderman het daarbij. We volgens gewoon het weer.

requiem voor een dwaas

als stokjes tak
zonder groen
zonder vocht
er is geen leven
in de dood, slechts
verwarring en ongeloof
voor hij die niet weet
waar het einde ligt
hem inhaalt en
onderuit schopt

zijn sterven zal komen
en gaan zoals hij leeft
onverwacht en meedogenloos
voor de gevolgen, hij wist
wat zijn geheugen moet zijn
en betaalt elke dag
met nog een dag minder
de vrijheid van zijn wil
schrale gil om meer
dan hij verdient

weldra zal hij gaan
gesprongen en gevlogen
overdonderd in een ravijn
waar hij geen woord voor heeft
om te dopen zoals hij wenst
na de dag komt ook voor hem
de nacht, zonder zorgen
misschien ook voor hem
mocht hij weet hebben
van de hoop
voor later

maar niet vandaag
alweer niet

Frans V.